Our truck finance rates start from as low as 6.55%.



* Figures shown are a guide only and the actual payment may be affected by the age of the asset being purchased and the credit score of the applicant.











We provide our clients with both mainstream and private funding options, giving them access to capital like never before.

See how we provide service levels better than our competitors and make deals happen when others cannot.


See if you qualify for pre-approval up to $500K without affecting your credit score.



Pre-approvals up to $500K – decisions within seconds without affecting credit score.


Applications assessed by real people not AI.


Our systems ensure your data is protected at all times.


Our key business is truck and heavy equipment finance.


We provide support over the full term of your loan agreement.


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We are a Truck Finance Company You Can Depend On

Since 2006, Heavy Vehicle Finance has provided market leading finance deals to Transport Operators Australia Wide, giving us a proven track record as one of Australia’s most dependable providers of Truck Finance.

As a market leading provider of Truck Finance, we have settled over $250M in funding for thousands of satisfied customers.


Truck Finance Deals


Our specialised team is made up of professional men and women that have worked exclusively in the area of Equipment Finance supporting the Transport Industry.



We are a niche financier of Trucks and Heavy Equipment and have access to a wide variety of mainstream and private funding options specific to the Transport Industry.

This means we can offer our customers a finance package that best suits their business needs and helps them achieve long term growth and sustainability.

Fast Finance Approvals


Our easy online pre-approval system provides access to pre-approvals up to $500K within a few seconds.

No formal credit enquiry is conducted for pre-approvals up to $500K.

The Heavy Vehicle Finance Difference

Deal with your own dedicated Relationship Manager

Flexible policy matrix

Pre-approvals up to $500K (within seconds)

Application tracking numbers for easy reference

No Doc up to $500K (no financials)

Low Doc up to $1M (BAS and Tax Portals)

Talk to people that specialise in Truck Finance

Deal with us from any location within Australia

Truck Finance - Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Heavy Vehicle Finance for Truck Finance and not a major bank?

  • We are a niche financier of Truck Finance and can source funding from both mainstream and private funders giving our customers access to capital like never before
  • Our turnaround times are often quicker than the large financial institutions. Major banks often have complex staffing or departmental structures that could result in your application going through too many sets of hands before your approval is given or settlement occurs
  • Given that we only offer Truck and Heavy Equipment Finance, our team has extensive knowledge of Equipment Loans and all types of Trucks and Heavy Machinery. This means we can get our head around your proposal better than other lenders, that might only have expertise in Home Loans, Commercial Property Loans, Personal Loans or Car Loans
  • Our customers are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager whereby they can directly talk to the person handling their application. Accessing the right person at a larger financial institution can be very difficult
  • The approval process is very streamlined, as customers can obtain pre-approval up to $500K within a few seconds. Unconditional approval is given within 24-48 hours and settlements can occur the day after given our simplified documentation process
  • Our policies surrounding Truck Finance are more fluid than a major bank. Banks need to meet specific regulations as governed by APRA, which means the information they need from clients may result in a declined decision. Non APRA regulation means that we can offer our clients No Doc Truck Finance up to $500K and Low Doc Truck Finance up to $1M

What will my interest rate be?

  • Current rates start at 6.55% but may vary depending on the age of the truck being purchased and the credit score of the applicant
  • Customers can use the finance calculator on our web site in order to obtain an approx payment based on the purchase price and age of the truck
  • Our business has been built on repeat customers and customer referrals over the last 20 years – so it is very important that we provide the best possible market rate whenever we issue a finance approval

How does our online Truck Finance pre-approval system work?

  • Our client inputs their information into the easy to complete form on the APPLY NOW section of our website. Then a quick calculation is undertaken on the submitted data, with a pre-approval given within a few seconds
  • No formal credit search is undertaken for pre-approvals up to $500K with means our applicants credit score is unaffected
  • If the applicant is successful, they will receive either an email or a phone call indicating what is required for both unconditional approval and settlement

How long does the Truck Finance process take from start to finish?

  • Pre-approval up to $500K is given within seconds
  • Unconditional approval takes 24 – 48 hours after we receive the required information (such as a signed privacy form and income verification if required)
  • Settlement can be achieved the day after unconditional approval if the Truck is being purchased through a licenced Truck dealer. Otherwise, a private sale can take a bit longer, given the additional paperwork we need to obtain from the vendor

What type of Trucks can be financed?

  • We finance all types of Trucks with endless configurations as long as the vehicle has a VIN number, engine number and registration number

What age of Trucks can be financed?

  • Under our No Doc or Low Doc policy we primarily fund Trucks no older than 20 years old at the end of term. This means if the Truck Loan is over a 5 year term, the Truck can be no older than 15 years old at the time of purchase. If the truck is older than 15 years old at the time of purchase, we can shorten the loan term to make it fit within policy
  • If the Truck is older than 20 years at end of term, we can still assess on a case-by-case basis. We might however require bank statements on the business account or accountant prepared financials to verify income

Can I purchase a Truck being sold by a Private Vendor?

  • Our clients can purchase Trucks from a dealers, auctioneers or private vendors
  • On most occasions, we will not require a formal valuation on the Truck if it is sold by a private vendor – thus saving our customers up to $1,000 on a professional valuers fee
  • Dealer and auction sales are the quickest way to settlement. However, private sales can take longer, given that we need to obtain additional documentation from a private vendor to confirm ownership of the Truck and to ensure the funds are being allocated to the legal owner

What type of Truck Finance Loans do we offer?

  • Most of our Truck Finance facilities are Chattel Mortgages. However, we can provide Finance Leases, Commercial Hire Purchases or Rentals. All facilities work differently given tax treatments and varying business structures. We encourage our clients to confirm with their accountant which facility will best suit their business

Can I have a structured payment Truck Loan facility?

  • Our policy is very flexible, which means we can write into the loan contract that a one-off payment is applied to the loan contract within 6 months of the drawdown date. This can be done via the gst received on the new Truck purchase or from the sale proceeds of a current Truck within the fleet
  • Structured payments achieve lower payments for the customer and provides them with the flexibility of selling their Truck privately without loosing too much asset value under a trade in
  • We can also be creative on the balloon payments applied to our loan contracts, depending on the Truck’s age, the type of work the Truck will be doing and the projected amount of KM’s it will travel. However, we can apply balloons from 10% to 40% – subject to the client’s needs and whether we need to consider a higher or lower balloon payment to make the deal fit within our policy matrix

What is a Balloon Payment and how do they work?

  • A balloon payment can be applied to a loan contract in order to reduce overall monthly payments and effectively maximise cash flow for a business
  • A balloon payment can only be applied to a Truck that is no older than 5 years old at time of purchase
  • Balloon payments can be between 10% and 40% depending on the age of the Truck or the intended usage of the Truck
  • Options for the client with contracts that have balloon payments are to either payout using own funds at the end of the term, refinance the balloon with a separate loan at the end of the term or to payout the balloon from proceeds derived when the Truck is traded at the dealership

Do I need financials completed before I apply for Truck Finance?

  • Our flexible policy matrix provides our customers access to a wide range of funding options which often means we do not require financial statements
  • No Doc Truck Finance up to $500K (no bank statements and no financials)
  • Low Doc Truck Finance up to $1M (BAS and tax portal)
  • Full Doc Truck Finance above $1M (accountant prepared financials and personal tax returns for the directors)
  • We do not require financial statements for loans up to $500K – it is only on the bigger transactions that BAS or Accountant prepared financials are required – given a higher credit risk based on the purchase price

Can I apply for a Truck Loan if I am starting out?

  • We can offer Truck Finance for new start businesses—no deposit required for loan amounts up to $175K. A deposit will be required if the purchase is greater than $175K (typically 10% to 20%)
  • We need to see a work source letter or work contract confirming our clients has ongoing work
  • Also required is confirmation that our customer has funds in the bank to cover running costs for the first 3 months (must be genuine savings)

Where is Heavy Vehicle Finance located?

  • Heavy Vehicle Finance is located in Brisbane – however we have clients Australia Wide. Once a broader relationship has been nurtured, the relevant Relationship Manager will organise an interstate visit to further understand the client’s business
  • We successfully have clients Australia Wide given the fact our approval process is online and we issue documents via email or DocuSign. Customers of Heavy Vehicle Finance can also call our office number or their dedicated Relationship Manager’s mobile number at any time

Does Heavy Vehicle Finance only Finance Trucks?

  • In addition to funding Trucks, we also provide Finance for all types of Heavy Equipment used in Heavy Industry. The only requirement is that the Asset we finance has identifiers and is used for business purposes
  • As we only specialise in Truck and Heavy Equipment Finance we are unable  to assist with Loans such as Personal Loans, Home Loans or Recreational Vehicle Loans